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Case study Helping CD’s Wings rescue their calls and increase business

CD’s Wings increases revenue with call rescue.

Ryan Schwarz has owned and operated CD’s Wings with her husband since 2007. The restaurant, a local favorite and two-time winner of Denver A List’s “Best Wings in Denver,” was thriving, and revenue was doubling each year. With so much growth, the owners decided to move to a bigger location that would triple the restaurant’s size.

“Business exploded!” said Schwarz, making busy hours even busier, and leaving some customers frustrated when their takeout calls went straight to voicemail. Almost immediately, CD’s Wings received reviews that said their restaurant was now too busy. “We lost a decent amount of people who didn’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to get ahold of us,” said Schwarz. Despite the booming dine-in business, the restaurant was losing revenue due to missed takeout orders and a worsening customer service reputation.

Implementing Sprint Smart Messaging

Within a week of opening their new location, the owners realized they needed a solution. “We did not anticipate the kind of growth that came with us moving, which is an amazing problem to have, but still a problem when you’re trying to figure out how to make everyone happy,” said Schwarz. Schwarz, a Sprint customer of five years, met with a representative who helped deliver Sprint Smart Messaging to rescue missed calls with automated text messages. After a few months of success with Smart Messaging, Sprint helped CD’s Wings add Eatmoji to give customers the ability to order online. The implementation process was seamless; Schwarz said they had no trouble onboarding their staff with the straightforward tablet system.

About CD’s Wings

CD’s Wings is a popular family-owned restaurant in Denver that gets 55% of its sales from takeout orders.


Employees could not keep up with takeout orders which was impacting the restaurant’s revenue and reputation.


Sprint provided Sprint Smart Messaging and Eatmoji to rescue calls and take orders using AI.

CD’s Wings takes every order without
ever picking up the phone.

The Bottom Line

$37,180 estimated yearly savings

$108,028 additional revenue from online ordering

CD’s Wings has received many compliments on the ease of ordering, and their revenue has continued to increase steadily.

Online ordering and text message ordering takes the place of an employee, so I’m not having to pay a third or fourth person to be there to handle these orders. It’s just pushing a button and accepting them.

Ryan Schwarz
Owner of CD’s Wings

We really love the system’s ease of use and ability to reach more customers, and that I don’t have to staff more people.

Ryan Schwarz
Owner of CD’s Wings

How it Works

  • Sprint Smart Messaging catches missed calls
  • The Eatmoji add-on automates the entire ordering process – from taking the order to collecting payment
  • Sprint Smart Messaging and Eatmoji respond to questions using AI
  • Employees can text with customers for any clarification or follow-up