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Fitness Premier switches business phone system to save money

A multi-location health club gets all the features it needs for less with Omni™, the intelligent office that connects your business to everything.

Fitness Premier needed to cut costs on its automated phone system without sacrificing required features for excellent customer service and club support. While the company’s previous provider had the features it needed, the cost had Fitness Premier looking for a new system.

It was essential that the new system have the features Fitness Premier had come to rely on for preventing the club locations from getting bogged down with corporate calls.

About Fitness Premier

Fitness Premier is a 24/7 health club with 10,000 members in 11 locations throughout Illinois and Indiana.


Fitness Premier needed to reduce spending on their phone system without sacrificing essential features.


Sprint Business assisted Fitness Premier with a switch to Omni, which included all necessary features.


  • Savings of 50%
    on business phone system
  • Increased employee satisfaction with easy-to-use devices and portal.

Essential features for excellent customer service.

“Another deciding factor for us was being able to have the virtual office on your mobile device and being able to connect your desk phone and smartphone. That feature is pretty cool,” Kristina said.

With 11 locations that need support, the corporate staff is constantly in and out of the office, so the ability to take the office on the go was very appealing.

The customer’s concern is always being addressed with somebody, even if it’s the middle of the night.

Kristina Griffith
Corporate Support Specialist
Fitness Premier

A smooth transition.

Change can be daunting, and small businesses can’t afford to make mistakes. Fitness Premier decided to make the switch to a new provider after five years, and the Sprint Business support team made the change easy.

“The transition went flawlessly. We swapped out 45 devices. We ported 14 phone numbers, and those ports went really smoothly. The Sprint team tested every phone. We’ve done swaps with other companies in the past that were all over the place. So, this was surprisingly smooth,” Kristina said. The Sprint team also checked in throughout the entire process and remained available for any support Fitness Premier might need.

The new portal and phones were a surprising benefit with the change. The portal has been very easy for Fitness Premier to navigate, and they’ve received positive feedback from employees on the new phones’ sound quality and ease of use.

Kristina would recommend Omni to gyms and other small businesses. “Omni helps keep our staff focused without worrying about picking up the phone every time,” she said. The phone support is crucial for Fitness Premier, helping them sort through calls so the staff can focus on maintaining a fun community atmosphere in the clubs.

Sprint provided a solution that ensures Fitness Premier gets the cost savings it needs to continue business as usual.