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Article 7 handy Gmail sales tools to turbocharge your team

Successful salespeople have plenty to worry about before it comes to their email inbox: dealing with difficult prospects, pressure from management to hit ambitious targets, stress, market changes and losing deals, to name but a few. And Gmail shouldn’t give you any additional problems on top of those. It should help you solve them.

The good news is that there are a bunch of awesome Gmail sales tools out there to help you do just that. Some of them are available within Gmail, like templates, multiple inboxes and internal groups.

Others can be downloaded or found within G suite marketplace (so you don’t even need to leave Gmail to access them), and can help you do anything from transforming your inbox into a fully customized drag-and-drop workflow to adding videos directly into emails.

Ultimately they can help you use Gmail smarter and more efficiently—with minimal extra effort—so you can focus on the important business of closing deals. This isn’t about using Gmail more. It’s about getting the most out of a program that is far more powerful and versatile than you may realize it. Sound good?

Let’s dig in.

  1. – This brilliant tool integrates with Gmail (as well as a bunch of other apps) to help eliminate the tedious back and forth of trying to book a meeting. It includes availability for meetings in email and schedules it automatically—with just one email. No more playing email tag with that one irritating prospect who seems super keen but is impossible to pin down.
  2. Sales Navigator for Gmail – Instead of endless flicking between tabs, this nifty app from LinkedIn lets you see profile data for your contacts directly in Gmail. It’s great for icebreakers, learning about prospects’ previous experience, and making it easy to show them you’ve done your homework by adding a thoughtful personal touch to your messages.
  3. Streak – Streak helps you get organized. You can manage leads and follow through with each one by migrating your sales pipeline directly into Gmail. You can automatically capture data from your contacts and emails, access pipeline data and share everything with your team—streamline your workflow and transform Gmail from an email tool into a flexible, powerful CRM system.
  4. Bombbomb – We love this because it gets you closer to your prospects than any email, within Gmail. Bombbomb lets you record and send a video straight into an email, so you can connect more directly and personally with the recipient, and bring it much closer to an actual conversation. Especially useful for those messages when you know the tone you’re trying to strike, but you’re not quite sure if it’ll come across right in text. It’s also a great way to make yourself stand out with someone who may be receiving a lot of other emails that day.
  5. Sortd – The great thing about Sortd is that it lets you plan, prioritize and rearrange your Gmail so it fits your workflow and personal way of thinking—it turns your inbox into an intuitive drag-and-drop workplace that helps individuals and teams to collaborate. It’s highly customizable, and you can even reconfigure your inbox to be more like a to-do list or a visual sales pipeline, which should help ease some of the stress that comes with the territory of a successful sales rep.
  6. Boomerang – Boomerang helps you take control of your inbox and get ahead of the game with some simple but super helpful features. Schedule emails to be sent whenever you want; set reminders so important emails don’t slip through the cracks, jeopardizing deals; archive emails until you need them, when Boomerang can bring them back at the top of your message list. Boomerang even incorporates Respondable, an assistant that analyses your emails to help you write the most actionable copy possible, for those times when you feel like your message just isn’t quite right.
  7. Wisestamp – There’s probably no easier way to make your sales emails pop than with a snazzy signature—and Wisestamp has got you covered. Pick a template, add your name, business and a photo, and you’re there. If the whole process takes five minutes, you’ve been dawdling. And according to their own stats, you can expect 32% more email replies and a 15% increase in leads. Not bad for a few minutes’ work.

For a sales team, Gmail shouldn’t be a stumbling block to your efforts—it should be an asset. And the tools are out there to help make it one. By spending a bit of time getting to know them and how they work, you can reorganize your inbox to function exactly how you want it to, and soon be reaping the rewards.

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