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How to juggle business and personal on one phone: Sprint MultiLine

Solving the problems associated with employees using their personal phones for work.

Imagine an octopus juggling eight baseballs.

That’s your team. They keep a lot of balls in the air, all the time. It’s a wonder your people only have two arms, they’re such amazing multitaskers. In a small business, they have to be.

And so do their phones. When a small business isn’t yet ready to invest in a business phone system, typically its people just use their own personal phones for work. And it makes a lot of sense for personal phones to pull double duty like this. It saves the business money, and nobody has to carry two phones.

Multiple problems

But using personal phones for business can be problematic for your company, for a few reasons. First, there’s the awkward question of how you and your people answer calls from unfamiliar numbers. Do you answer with a personal greeting, or a professional one? And what about your voicemail greeting — should that be generic, or mention the name of your business? A professional image calls for a professional greeting. But not all of your calls are business-related.

A bigger issue with using personal phones for business is that there are contacts and business relationships attached to the phone number. If you have a team member who leaves the business, how do you keep those contacts and business relationships from leaving with her? Business conversations and relationships should really be connected to a business phone number.

A third reason using personal phones for work may be a problem is if you’re in an industry that’s regulated, you may have a need to record calls and log texts. This can get complicated when the phone used for those calls and texts is someone’s personal phone.

One solution

There’s a single simple solution to all three of these problems that doesn’t require you to invest in a business phone system before you’re ready to take that step: you can add business lines to your people’s personal phones. There are a few ways to do it. But there’s only one way that works no matter which wireless service carrier the phone is on. It’s called Sprint MultiLine.

MultiLine is a service that provides a company-owned number for business voice and text on any smartphone. So you can put phone numbers you control on your people’s own personal phones — right alongside their personal numbers — to make sure business happens on business numbers. Whether they use Android or iOS. And regardless of their service carrier. And personal lines and data stay private.

You get full-featured, carrier-grade voice and text with a simple web portal to manage all the numbers. You also get Bend-Over-Backward® support from Sprint Business, so getting started is a breeze.

MultiLine solves the problem of how to answer calls from unfamiliar numbers, because you can tell whether a call is coming in on your personal line or your business line. And the business line has separate voicemail that you can set up with a business greeting.

With MultiLine, it’s easy to assign a business number to a team member’s phone, and if the team member leaves the business, it’s just as easy to reassign the business line to a different person’s phone. So business contacts and relationships can remain associated with the business phone number — not the person’s phone.

MultiLine also makes regulatory compliance easier, with the ability to record calls and log text messages on the business line.

Your people do enough juggling, with all those balls they have to keep in the air every day. Don’t make them juggle business and personal on one phone without Sprint MultiLine to help keep them separate.