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Case study Case study: How Dialpad gave Miller Tool a lift

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How Dialpad gave Miller Tool a lift

When calls pour into your business, but people don’t work at desks, it becomes a huge challenge to stay connected efficiently with employees and customers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

For Miller Tool, being able to route those calls to the right people wherever they are was just the lift it needed to improve customer service and do away with old-fashioned Post-it note messages that routinely get lost.

The 36-year-old Midwest-based automotive repair and maintenance equipment company was losing touch with customers because calls were being left unattended. The company needed a way to communicate that was on par with the quality of the vehicle lifts, air compressors, and welding equipment it sells.

Dialpad to the rescue

A business-grade voice system that easily integrates with mobile devices gave Miller Tool the tool it needed to communicate more effectively with customers. With Dialpad, a cloud-based PBX service, the company has improved customer service and employee productivity.

With three incoming lines, employees previously could only answer and take calls if they had access to a desk phone. Today, a desk phone is still an option, but calls can be answered on smartphones as well, allowing users to switch calls seamlessly between desk phones and mobile devices. Employees are equipped with a smartphone that has a Miller Tool business number, so when employees make outbound calls on their mobiles “Miller Tool” shows up on caller ID, so customers know who is calling.

Don’t miss calls

Sales personnel and service technicians are always easy to reach now, virtually wherever they are. Incoming calls can be transferred to a smartphone, giving customers better access to those who can help them with an order or service issue.

“When I travel, customers are still able to reach me, even though I may be 1,500 miles away,” said Steve Miller, president and owner of Miller Tool. “Because incoming calls are transferred to my mobile, customers don’t even know I’m out of town. I can continue to serve them without having to be in the office, or without giving out my mobile number.”

Dialpad also helps ensure calls are answered in a timely manner. For a company built on service, the goal is to answer every call within three rings. If a call goes unanswered it goes to a virtual receptionist, which routes calls to one of several mobile devices or to voice mail. The system tracks how many calls go unanswered, giving the company insight into its call handling and whether it might need to add new system features to improve responsiveness.

To simplify voice messaging, Dialpad can be integrated with Microsoft 365 or G Suite to deliver voice messages directly to an employees’ email inbox, which can be easily accessed via a smartphone. This feature also provides employees with a calendar and the latest email exchanges with the caller, so they are better prepared when returning a call.

Another beneficial Dialpad feature is its ability to integrate with Miller Tool’s accounting system. With seven to eight field employees on the road making service calls, the ability to manage their time and record start and stop times is important for effective scheduling and meeting customer needs.

Saving money

Since putting Dialpad to work, Miller Tool is saving roughly 80% a year in communication costs. The money it has saved has been re-invested in new mobile phones to equip field employees with the latest devices, so they can better do their jobs.

Setting up Dialpad is a simple, user-friendly process. It only takes a few clicks to set up users and departments, create an automated attendant to route calls, and start taking advantage of calling features found on large company phone systems, such as three-way calling, call waiting, and call transfer to and from any device.

Miller Tool has only begun to realize all the benefits of Dialpad and Sprint. Because Dialpad is scalable and cloud-based, it can grow as the company does, and the technology will always be current. Miller Tool is already planning to integrate additional features, such as UbercConference, so it can leverage group conference calls and video conferencing, and Workspace ONE Express to manage all of its mobile phones and keep the data on them safe and secure.

For Miller Tool, delivering a high-touch customer experience is important. With 14 employees and hundreds of auto dealer and repair shops customers, being connected and handling calls professionally are imperative to its bottom line. With Dialpad, buying an automotive lift from Miller Tool has never been easier.