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Sprint small business blog: 2019 roundup

The Sprint small business blog is a labor of love. We do this so we can get the most useful advice and stories across to folks in small businesses like yours. 

It’s why it’s so much fun to do—we get to talk to incredibly smart entrepreneurs running all sorts of businesses. And we get to look at all the big and small things they can do to run their businesses in better ways. 

So today we wanted to put together six of our favourite posts from the last year. 

Dig in.

1. Steve Miller, founder of Miller Tool Inc. in Kansas City, has been running his own small business since 1985. Steve’s got some fascinating views about starting a small business, challenges to expect along the way and what it takes to sustain growth for nearly four decades

3 things I wish I’d known before starting a small business

2. If you’re new to the world of fleet management and vehicle telematics, getting to grips with the basics—let alone the more complicated elements—can feel daunting.

So we put together a simple primer to help you get straight to the good stuff: vehicle diagnostics, fuel efficiency, driver behaviour and so much more.

Fleet management 101: your connected fleet primer 

3. Remote working is more popular than ever, and companies who employ remote workers are immediately making themselves more accessible and widening the talent pool. 

But remote working doesn’t just mean people who aren’t in the office—like everyone else on the team, you have to think about how to keep them happy, engaged and productive. 

3  common-sense ways to optimize your remote workforce 

4. No one ever said running a business was fun. At least, not every aspect of it. 

So we put together a list of three crucial but less-than-fascinating ways every small business can use technology to save energy, time and money.

These 3 boring technologies are essential for every small business 

5. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in—every single small business owner has a mobile device. And so do all of their employees. 

But are you using them to streamline your processes and make everyone’s lives simpler? Because you could be.

5 unexpected ways small businesses can use mobile devices 

6. In 2014, Ashley Patton opened a blow-dry bar in Kansas City, despite having no experience in the field. Five years on and Posh KC is thriving.

Find out the moves Ashley made to turn her great idea into a flourishing small business.

6 key lessons from a successful small business owner

And that’s our 2019 roundup! Keep an eye on the small business blog for more tips, interviews and insights in 2020—and make sure to sign up for updates so you never miss a post.

Whether you’re looking for advice, support or products for your small business, Sprint has you covered. Contact us at 1-877-633-1102—or visit our small business website.