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The Agile Business Manifesto

How to accelerate growth without
losing your soul

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Growing a business is
hard,scaryand stressful.

Sometimes it feels like
all the cards are stacked against you…

…that your big,established competitors
can always invest more than you can
and out-spend you in the market.

It can be discouraging.

But there’s something that most
big businesses are just starting to understand.

In the epic battle between David and Goliath…

Small companies like yours
have two things that big
companies can never regain.

You have Mojo.

Mojo means confidence, and passion and belief…

and maybe a little bit of attitude.

It’s looking your customers in the
eyes and saying,
“We're good at this.
Give us a change to prove it.”

Big companies spend fortunes trying
to imitate the mojo you already have.

But imitation is as close as they’ll get.

You have Agility.

  • You’re carrying less baggage
  • You’re closer to your customers
  • You’re not bound by dumb
    processes and legacy systems

That’s a
huge advantage

and most big companies
would kill to have it.

But here’s the thing:

Mojoand Agility
are fragile things.

Make bad decisions
and they’re gone.

Lose sight of your
customers or take your
people for granted,
you lose your Mojo.

Buy the same
systems and tech
that the big guys buy,
you lose your Agility.

Good News:

There’s a new generation of apps and
services that are perfect for keeping
small businesses leanand nimble.

Services that:

  • Keep your costs down
  • Empower your people
  • Preserve your freedom
    to change course

The new wave of business-accelerating
technology is based on three big forces
that change just about everything.

The three forces aren’t new at all.

They’ve been with us for a while.

You’re probably harnessing their
power right now.

But you may only be scratching the
surface with these big ideas.

The new technology options combine
all three in new ways to do even more
amazing things for your business.

The big forces:

  • Mobility
  • Cloud
  • Pay-as-you-go

(See? Told you you already use them…
but are you using them as much as you should be?)

Taken separately,these are all
powerful ideas.

Put them together in one neat package,
from one provider,and your business has an
advantage that’s very,very hard to outgun.

Let’s look at each one…


You and your people already use wireless
tech to do business from virtually anywhere...

to always be available for your customers,
and always be in touch with each other.

But the new generation of apps and services are far more
than just mobile versions of ‘made-for-desktop’systems.

They’re mobile first.

Mobile collaboration. Mobile productivity.
Mobile timesheets and forms.

They all beat the old-school alternatives.

The new mobility in action

An electrical services business uses G Suite on the
latest smartphones and tablets to give their field technicians super-powers.
The technicians share site photos to document completed jobs. They query
inventories to find parts quickly and ensure they are restocked as needed.
And they can access technical specs or collaborate with specialists to
resolve issues – all on-the-fly – from one device.

Faster resolutions. Happier customers. Higher productivity. Less frustration.

It’s mobile tech as you already know it – but deployed in a powerful new way.


Owning (and maintaining) hardware
pulls you away from your day job.

Cloud-based services give you

They’re asset light,super-secure and available
to everyone from any device.

No software and hardware to own. Just the apps
you need,when and where you need them.

You probably already use cloud apps for some
of your business processes. But there are a lot
more out there,ready to deploy.

Mobile cloud in action

A medical transportation business harnesses the power of
cloud to simplify their processes. They combined a new cloud-based voice
service (called Dialpad Business Voice) with a mobile forms app to replace
paper forms and manual processes in the field. From documenting
transports,capturing digital signatures and conducting customer service
surveys,their new streamlined workflow improved service while
cutting costs –in half.

Mobile plus cloud is a killer combination. Think mobile payments,mobile
forms,team collaboration hubs and cloud-based meetings
on tablets and smartphones…


The third big force powering your business
growth isn’t technology; it’s a better way of
paying for your tech.

And, again, you’re probably using it already – if you lease your
cars, vans, equipment or office space instead of buying them.

Today, mobility and cloud technology can be pay-as-you-go, too.

With pay-as-you-go, you won’t be forced to buy more
devices or licenses than you need. Ever.

So you stop paying big, lump sums up-front and turn
your capital spend into operating expense.

Pay for what you need per person, per month.

Scale up as you grow or scale back when you re-group.

Save money, improve your cash flow and stay agile.

Pay-as-you-go in action

An insurance company stopped buying office software – and the
world didn’t stop spinning (in fact, it spun faster). They switched to Microsoft
Office 365, including Skype for Business, to keep mobile workers plugged in,
switched on and super-efficient. From quickly providing customer quotes
and reviewing contracts to managing claims, the daily business processes
were streamlined, faster and focused on keeping customers happy and loyal.

It’s fully mobile-optimized, it puts key documents in the cloud for instant,
secure access – and, since it’s a pay-as-you-go service, they stopped buying
licenses they never used.

The bottom line: pay-as-you-go saves you money and keeps you agile.

Three big ideas that you already
use – but that also change everything.

Stick to them and you’re playing
to your strengths.

And that’s always the best strategy.

Pity the big guys.

You’re on a great adventure:growing a business.

Yes,the cards are stacked…
but they’re stacked in your favor.

You’ve got mojo. You’ve got agility.

And you can run circles around the big,
slow competitors weighed down with
yesterday’s ideas and last decade’s tech.

This is going to be fun!

We want to help you win.

Sprint Business can help you combine the power
of mobility,cloud and pay-as-you-go –all designed
for growing businesses like yours.

Devices. Plans. Business discounts. Support. Apps.
Ideas. Advice. Karma…all aimed at helping your
people thrive and your business accelerate.

Sprint Business Mojo

What’s Sprint Business Mojo??

It’s that magic combination of agility,confidence,
and the chops to deliver. It’s what a business needs
to grow. And it’s what we work hard to give your
business,in everything we do.

With flexible pay-as-you-go pricing and dedicated
business support,you can boost your mojo no
matter how big you grow.

This is us looking you in the eye:
“We're good at this.
Give us a change to prove it.”

Get your Mojoworking.

Talk to Sprint. Call us at 877-633-1102
or fill in thisform and we’ll get back to you.

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The Agile Business Manifesto

Three big ideas to help you grow your business without losing your soul

In business,size used to win every time. Today,agility is the killer competitive advantage.

That’s great for growing businesses like yours. Our Manifesto explains why.

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