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The small business tech check

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In business, not all change means growth – but all growth requires change. So you need to be able to manage whatever comes next, no matter how fast it comes.

We’re huge believers in the power of technology to give small businesses the agility they need to handle change, work smarter – and get a little less, well, little while they do it. But tech agility is as much about the right mindset as it is about the best handsets.

It’s about always looking for better ways to get the job done, and using technology to make it happen. Be ready for whatever comes next. Take our tech check and we’ll share some useful advice to help you improve.

    The small business tech check

    What business are you in?

    How many people are in your business?

    Where are you based?


    Which of the following best describes your approach to tech?

    What are your biggest pain points right now?

    You can choose multiple

    Does your team work together on shared files?

    What problems do you face when you collaborate?

    You can choose multiple

    When dealing with customer queries, do you ever struggle to access data from multiple applications or locations?

    Do your processes get clogged with too much paper and manual steps?

    Does slow or interrupted internet connectivity hold you back?

    How about mobile signal?

    What percentage of your people are on the move regularly?

    What’s your policy on employee devices?

    When you’re away from your business location, can people easily get hold of you on the phone?

    Do you take payments on the move, where your customers are?

    Do you ever lose out on revenue because you can't process mobile or card-based payments?

    Do you have a fleet of vehicles on the roads?

    Do you know where your vehicles and assets are at all times in the field?

    When your people are on the move, do you have up-to-date information about their job location and status to improve efficiencies?

    Have you gone paperless with mobile forms?

    Do any of these paper problems sound familiar to you?

    You can choose multiple

    Have any of the following kept you from investing in new technology?

    You can choose multiple

    When you’ve bought new tech in the past, what’s stopped you getting better returns on your investment?

    You can choose multiple

    Which of the below do you use for voice calls?

    Do you ever get surprised by your monthly bill when you go over your mobile data allowances?

    Are your data allowances allocated per device, or do you have pooled data?

    How many people do you plan to hire in the next year?

    Do you feel in control of your tech spend relative to your headcount?

    You’re bringing on a new hire. How easy is it to get them up and running with the tech they need?

    All done!

    Your tech agility rating:

    We have to be honest: we've seen better.

    Not too bad, but we've seen better.

    Good job!

    Pretty great!




    In the field

    Controlling costs

    Managing growth

    It looks like tech (or a lack of it) is holding you back. Maybe it’s tolerable today, but when the time comes to grow, things could get tricky. We’ll help you prepare.

    By the looks of it, tech’s more of a hindrance than a help to you right now. We’ve got some goodies to help you use tech better and stay light on your feet.

    But there’s more that you (and your tech) can do to make sure you stay ahead, especially if you’ve got plans for growth. We’ve got some goodies lined up to help you with that.

    You’re no stranger to smart technology, and it looks like you’re making it work for you today. But there’s always more to think about, especially if you’ve got plans for growth – we’ve got some goodies lined up to help you with that.

    Looks like you’re mastering the tech your business needs to do great work and stay light on your feet. We’ll help you keep it that way.

    Now for the big finish. To get your full report and some personalized recommendations to help you work smarter, make sure we’ve got your email address.

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