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Own a hospitality business? Discover how to make tech work for you.

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With the average micro-business owner spending an eye-watering 52 hours a week at work, finding tools to make your life easier should be right at the top of your agenda.

After all, you’ve got to sleep sometime.

Because when you’re well rested, you can focus all your efforts on making your customers happy – and happy customers mean a thriving business.

Building a business in the hospitality sector isn’t simple. There are a lot of hurdles that can make it very, very difficult. But fortunately, technology is always creating new ways to make it that little bit easier for you.

Our Commandments for Retail and Hospitality Businesses mini-guide outlines eight challenges growing businesses face – and how tech can help owners like you get ahead.

In this blog, we’ll explore three of the challenges, and what you can do to conquer them.

  1. Learn to predict the future

In hospitality, understanding demand is vital if you’re going to be prepared. But predicting the future of your business can be a daunting prospect, even if you’re just trying to guess what it’ll look like next month.

Not all demand spikes are as easy to predict as, say, Valentine’s Day or Christmas. To ensure you know what’s headed your way – so you can get your stock and staffing levels right – you’re going to need to dig a little deeper into your data.

What you need here is a sales analysis app that can help you track your real-time sales and find the trends and patterns in your historical data – if you’re lucky, your point-of-sale solution might already have these tools built in.

Once you’ve got a clear picture of when your demand peaks throughout the year, you can ensure you’re not wasting your resources on quiet periods or stressing your staff out during a surprise rush.

  1. First impressions matter

It’s no secret that customer reviews can make or break a business, especially when it’s growing. Good or bad, what your customers think about you has a direct effect on your revenue.

In fact, research from The Cornell Hospitality Institute has shown that if a hotel can bump its online reviews by just one point – nudging its rating from three stars up to four, for example – it can increase prices by as much as 11.25% without any drop-off in occupancy.

Unfortunately, bad reviews can have a major knock-on effect in the hospitality industry, too. So, when one crops up, you’ll need to be on point with your response. To manage your brand reputation online, you can’t afford to be disconnected.

You probably have the right tool for this in your pocket or on your desk right now. It might even be the device you’re using to read this: your smartphone or tablet. With a good data plan and a reliable network in place, you’ll be able to read your reviews – good and bad – as they arrive, and deal with them accordingly.

You can even go an extra step and use social media monitoring tools to keep an eye on where (and why) your business is being mentioned in the realms of Twitter and Facebook.

  1. The power is with your people

In hospitality, success is all about how you interact with your customers – and that makes your people your business’ superpower. This is true whether your business is an army of one, you’re heading up a big team, or you’re somewhere in the middle.

The key to great customer service is having all the information you need, exactly when you need it, so you can give every customer a personalized experience that doesn’t just meet needs, but really makes them feel special.

Give your front-of-house staff a helping hand, with instant, easy access to customer data and inventory information. You can even put it right at their fingertips by combining a feature-rich mobile point-of-sale app with handy tablets.

Fast, seamless service is great for building customer loyalty – and it’ll help boost your reviews, too.

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Discover additional insights into how to become a more successful hospitality business in our mini-guide, where we share challenges you might face and how to use tech to overcome them. Get your guide today, and make your working life a little easier.




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