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Entrepreneur magazine’s Project Grow presented by Sprint Business

As a supporter of small businesses worldwide, Sprint Business is excited to sponsor Entrepreneur magazine’s Project Grow, an online collection of articles, podcasts and videos curated for small business owners. Here are some highlights.


Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch

The first 60 seconds of a business pitch can be the difference between achieving your highest dreams and falling flat on your face. Entrepreneur magazine teamed up with a group of real entrepreneurs for the ultimate pitch test on Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, an exciting new show streaming Wednesdays.

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Securing your network

What’s your biggest cyber vulnerability? Know why this common myth about Apple isn’t true? How does the CEO scam work? Read 5 Things to Remember About Network Security, featuring Chris McDonald from Sprint’s Security Services team, for answers to these questions and more.

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Delighting your customers

The best companies don’t just build great products, they obsess over the customer experience. See how Sprint does it in 3 Ways to Make Your Customer Service Shine.

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Optimizing your space

Moving offices is a pain, but it’s also an opportunity for a fresh start in many different ways. In 4 Critical Tech Tips for a Smooth Office Move, learn how to make the most of your new space, right from the get-go.

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Managing your growth

As a growing business, you need to make sure your tech keeps up with your headcount. That can get expensive! But there’s a new way to get the best devices, service and support — for all your people — that’s priced per seat, per month and doesn’t cost a dime up front.

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Maximizing your advantage

As a small business, you have a great advantage over the big guys: agility. Your reaction time is your secret weapon for adapting to changes and being super responsive to your customers. And the right mobile solutions can help you really make the most of your agility advantage.

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Ideas seen on the show will also be featured on Indiegogo,

a crowdfunding site for entrepreneurs, geared toward helping entrepreneurs bring their projects to life.

Visit Entrepreneur for more on Project Grow.

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