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Mobility Dialpad Business Voice

Your business lines just got mobile

People need to reach your team. Simply. But installing land lines? Ugh. You’re trying to keep your business agile – not chain people to their desks.

That’s where Dialpad Business Voice comes in. It means they can use the same number at their desk and on their smartphones (or any other mobile device).  All the functionality of a business line with none of the limitations.

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It gives you and your people:

  • Massive mobility – with a single business number that rings all your devices (smartphone, laptop, tablet…)
  • Money in the bank – Dialpad Business Voice is cloud-based, so you don’t have to invest in and manage a PBX phone system for your office
  • Simple scaling – add new users (or hey, departments) as you grow, and they’ll simply appear in your directories

See How Dialpad gave Miller Tool a lift.

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  • All the powers of a business phone – like transferring and recording calls, voicemail, auto-attendant. (Great if you want to personalize your business hours.)
  • The chance to stay super connected – with on-screen caller info (including previous email conversations, and upcoming events) through Google Apps and Office 365 integrations so you can pick up where you left off and have easy access to all the info you need

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