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Solution Mobile security and device management solutions

Help keep your data secure by keeping your people’s mobile phones and tablets secure, with mobile security solutions.

Keeping your team’s devices safe

As a small but growing company, you’re faced with a few realities that, taken together, could create a perfect storm of chaos to derail your business: You have a team of people all using mobile devices to communicate and get work done. Mobile devices are becoming more and more attractive as a target for cybercrime. And you’re not yet big enough to support an IT department to protect and manage all those mobile devices your company depends on.

But don’t worry; we’ve got your back on this. Sprint Business offers solutions to help you keep your team’s mobile devices secure — and compliant with the way you want to conduct business. These mobile security solutions give you the control to secure every device remotely, while your people carry on working the way they need to.

An intuitive management console allows you to easily monitor, manage and secure phones and tablets running whatever operating systems your people are using. So you can:

  • Gain visibility into every device in real time, capturing and documenting important events
  • Manage remotely, enforcing security policies that are easy to set up
  • Automate security tasks like configuring passwords, encrypting storage and deploying permissions


  • Interactive dashboard for easy control
  • Over-the-air management for all mobile devices

Looking for Sprint Secure Web or other security solutions for companies with 26+ employees? Check out our security solutions for midsize and enterprise businesses.

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