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Solution Sprint Smart Messaging

Sprint Smart Messaging rescues missed calls and voicemails by responding with an immediate text message.

Missed calls = missed opportunity

A potential customer calls your business but fails to reach a live human. The caller hangs up in frustration and calls one of your competitors instead. And just like that you’ve lost a sale — or worse, you’ve lost a customer. It happens all day, every day, to just about every business.

How do you avoid this loss? You could ensure a live person is always reachable via phone … But there’s a better way.

Sprint Smart Messaging rescues missed calls

Consider how people want to communicate today. The fact is if they could, most of your customers would opt-in to communicate with your business via text message rather than a phone call.

Why not let them?

And why not send automatic replies to every missed call or voicemail with an immediate text message? You may not be available to personally send a text to every caller every time. But you can automate it. And with AI, the automated text message can become a conversation that feels like immediate and personal attention from you.

Sprint Smart Messaging is an auto reply text messaging service for business that helps you boost selling opportunities by converting missed calls and voicemails into text conversations. Smart Messaging lets a customer opt-in and then automatically sends text messages, re-engaging customers before they move on and call a competitor instead.

Check out the CD’s Wings call rescue case study for an eye-opening illustration of how Sprint Smart Messaging can make a dramatic impact on a business’s bottom line.

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Convenience for you and your customers

  • Embraces shifts in consumer behavior away from phone calls and voicemails and toward the convenience of SMS messaging
  • Many would rather text than call, if given the chance
  • Now you can offer this convenient option to your customers

The flexibility you need

  • You can quickly receive and respond to your customers’ text messages from any internet-connected phone, computer or tablet
  • No new hardware required
  • Carrier-agnostic — works regardless of which service provider powers your existing voice phone line

Simplicity and ease

  • As easy to use as texting, with an interface that mimics popular consumer messaging services your employees are already used to
  • Alleviates the need for your employees to learn something new
  • Customers have nothing to learn and no app to download; they continue to call or text your business just like they would any other

Put the power of AI to work for you

An AI-powered “assistant” learns to answer common customer questions on behalf of your business, automatically, using your preferred responses.

This frees up your people for more high-value work while giving your potential customers immediate responses via the convenience of a text message.

Sprint Smart Messaging works flawlessly compared to other initiatives we’ve implemented.

Ray Pugsley
Owner of Potomac River Running — read the auto reply text message case study.

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