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How Sprint Business works for small business

At Sprint Business, we champion entrepreneurs and small businesses. Your vision, tenacity and agility inspire us.

That’s why we create special offers just for you. And it’s why we bring you a fast, reliable LTE+ network, the priority care and support you need, and nimble tech solutions for the challenges you face every day.

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Helping your business thrive

Best Value Plans

Count on Sprint Business to help you get the most from your mobile budget.

We’ll help you spend less to work mobile.

The possibilities for your small business are unlimited. But your resources aren’t. So for now, you have to stay lean. That’s why you’re so careful, spending wisely and stretching every dollar. And you can count on Sprint Business to help you make the most of what you have.

• Pay no upfront costs to lease the newest devices.
• Use the best unlimited plans designed for a mobile workplace.
• Get the inside track on the best deals with great business discounts.

Sprint LTE Advanced network

Do everything you already do — just faster than before.

A fast, reliable network

With up to 2X faster speeds than before, extended coverage and great reliability, LTE advanced is our newest network you can depend on.


More about LTE Advanced



Bend-Over-Backward™ support

Count on us to have your back when you need help or have questions.

The support your business needs.

As a small business, you probably don’t have a dedicated IT staff to step in and save the day when something goes awry with your tech.

And you have enough on your own plate without having to take on the IT role yourself. That’s not why you got into this business. So keep your eye on the ball and leave the tech deployments and support to us.

You focus on you. We’ll focus on you also.

• Get Priority Business Care help to answer any questions and save you time.
• Get your people the devices and solutions they need in ways that work for you.

Agile solutions

Count on smart tech solutions to help you stay nimble.

Solutions to maximize your agility advantage.

As a small business you have some great things going for you. One of the most important is your agility. Your larger competitors envy it — and they can’t match it. But you and your business can turn on a dime, flexing and pivoting when you need to.

We offer solutions to help you make the most of this competitive advantage — and to save you time and money.

• Mobile solutions
• Network connectivity
• Business communication
• Collaboration and productivity

Keeping your business secure

Cybercrime doesn’t just happen to big companies. Small businesses like yours are also attractive targets for cybercriminals and hackers who want to steal your data and intellectual property, extort money from you with ransomware, and even use your network’s devices to commit crimes without you knowing it.

But you’re not helpless — you can fight back. And we can help, with security solutions that make it easier to keep your mobile devices safe in our open, mobile world.

Samsung with Knox

See the latest offer on Samsung smartphones featuring Knox defense-grade security.



Mobile security and device management

Keep your team’s mobile devices secure — and compliant with the way you want to conduct business.



Secure productivity apps

Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite help your people collaborate, securely.

Collaboration tools

Practical advice for running your business

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Free one-hour webinar

Three women share their best tips on leadership, growth and success. A presentation of Sprint Business and Entrepreneur magazine, the webinar explores scaling a business when you’re self-funded, how to leverage your network for support, why women make great business leaders, and more.

Click the video to start the webinar.

Tools to help your business grow

The small business tech check

Ready to grow? Take the test now.


The agility checklist for small businesses

Run rings around the big guys


The essential Fleet and Asset management checklist

Everything you need to get ahead with fleet and asset management



Entrepreneur magazine’s Project Grow presented by Sprint Business

Project Grow

As a supporter of small businesses worldwide, Sprint Business is excited to sponsor Entrepreneur magazine’s Project Grow, an online collection of articles and videos curated for small business owners.


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